Flow Meter Calibration

We are leader in providing calibration services – On site / Off Site.

In House calibration facility: Our calibration lab is highly accurate and can calibrate all type of Flow meters .. PD..Mass.. Magnetic.. Vortex.. Ultrasonic.. water meter… Rota Meter..Orifice..

Pipe Range from 10 mm to 250 mm..

Flow Range : 0 -250 m3/Hr , 0-250 Ton /Hr

Our water Flow laboratory works on the gravimetric Static Weighing Method & it is as per ISO 4185. Flow meter is calibrated to the highest accuracy by weighing the quantity of water that passes through the meter during a known time interval. Calibration facility is designed to calibrate a maximum flow rate of 900 m3/h and a maximum pressure of 2 bar. Pipe Size up to 300 mm NB diameter can be accommodated in the system.. An underground sump of 60 m3 capacity is used to store the required water. The test rig is supplied with water at constant head from an over head tank of 30 m3 capacity and 18 m head. During operation the constant head tank (CHT) is continuously overflowed using different pumps. Weighing tanks of capacities 300 kg, 4000 kg, 17000 kg ( Under construction) are available for the flow measurement. Diverter systems is used to divert the flow to the weighing tank .

The laboratory has been accredited by Legal Metrology Department for Calibration of Flow meters.